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The Coast

Tolaga Bay (Uawa) in the Eastland region of New Zealand is both a bay and a small town on the East Coast of New Zealand's North Island located 45 kilometres northeast of Gisborne.  Gisborne is also famously known for being the first city in the world to greet the sun each day. Tolaga Bay was named by Lt. James Cook, but the original Maori name is Uawa Nui A Ruamatua (shortened to Uawa).

Tolaga Bay is the gateway to the wild and beautifully unspoilt coast. It has a population of over 600 people and Eastland Maori culture is prevalent.  The town is a popular holiday spot and boasts a dry, sunny climate with high sunshine hours with very warm temperatures during the summer months of December, January & February. The region around the bay is rugged and remote, and for many years the only access to the town was by boat. Because the bay is shallow, a long wharf - the longest in New Zealand (660m) - was built to accommodate visiting vessels.

Short 1/2 day trips from Tolaga Bay will take you off the beaten tracks for quiet explorations of the unpopulated country and coast or for lots of adventure with horse riding, jet-boating, white-water rafting, tube rafters and kayaking or even back to the city for a spot of shopping where you can enjoy fine wines tasting and dining and get cultural with contemporary and indigenous art.

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